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7 Wow Factor Tips for Your Next Luxury Bespoke Wardrobe Project

For some, a bedroom and dressing area is a tranquil haven, a place to relax and spend time. For others, order and functionality are paramount – a way to manage a busy pace of life.

At The Heritage Wardrobe Company, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of luxury bespoke wardrobes which are all designed to make a statement of style and elegance.

Here are our top seven tips for your next luxury bespoke wardrobe project to make sure it has that extra wow factor:

1. Blend your Door Style

Blending mirror fronted fret doors with panel doors can soften a design, particularly along wardrobe door run. Blending the traditional elegance of panel doors with modern chic mirror fronted fret doors can turn a long bank of doors into a striking statement piece of furniture.

2. Consider the fitted Freestanding Look

Holding back the temptation to fit wardrobes wall to wall can be the difference between a functional wardrobe and a fantastic wardrobe! Creating a fitted freestanding-look wardrobe by adding subtle scribing when it is fitted to skirting and walls, creates a seamlessly crafted finish. Gaps are eliminated and it helps to accentuate the attractive angles and ornate detail of the feature cornice and skirting.

3. Bring in Breakfronts or Recess Fronts

A run of wardrobe doors can be transformed by including a subtle breakfront or recess. Both options provide opportunities to include key features in your design, such as external drawers with doors above, or the option to blend different door styles to create a central feature that draws in the eye.

4. Be careful with columns

Mention columns and images of ornate fluted details immediately spring to mind. But when it comes to columns, less is often more! Using subtle vaulted or plain columns of varying widths can help to define and frame the wardrobe without overpowering the design, and this creates instant appeal.

5. Select Sensory Interiors

There are various options when it comes to choosing the right sensory interior for your client. Melamine’s are now of such a high quality that it takes a second glance to see if they’re real. Wood veneers offer that little extra, with a rich colour and a subtle tactile experience. Lebanon Cedar wood veneer further enhances the sensory experience by exuding a wonderful scent of Cedar.

6. Illuminate With Scribed Lighting

If your client’s wanted to display their shoes and garments with maximum visual effect, then lighting in the wardrobe is a must. Sensor activated LED lighting, when scribed vertically down the length of the interior panels, creates a striking design feature that illuminates the whole wardrobe interior.

7. Personalise Your Exterior

Having a wardrobe primed and hand-painted with a colour personalised to your client’s taste and style can result in a stunning, unique piece of furniture that blends seamlessly with their interior to create the ultimate wow factor!

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