Dressing Room

Luxury Bespoke Dressing Room in Tunbridge Wells

Rebecca Doyle’s beautiful Empire Wardrobes blend into the overall elegant, classically styled aesthetic of her bedroom with the mirrors enhancing the feeling of space.

The open walnut shoe and handbag storage has been cleverly designed to fit around the uniquely shaped room, which houses the en-suite bathroom behind, creating an eye-catching feature.

The bespoke narrow dressing table allows space for the shoe and handbag unit whilst providing plenty of storage in the nine drawers below.

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Client Testimonial

Our original wardrobes were installed in February 2018 as part of our house renovation but then I felt I needed more storage for shoes and handbags. We had been really impressed by the service we received previously from The Heritage Wardrobe Company so I approached them again to see if they could help reconfigure the limited space – our dressing room is only 2.5m wide. Laurent was amazing helping me design the shoe and bag storage to wrap around the en-suite bathroom walls and a bespoke dressing table comprising of 9 drawers to replace the existing freestanding one. Although it’s narrower - it actually provides more storage. I think Laurent even amazed himself that everything fitted so well into the space – we are so thrilled with the end results.

Rebecca Doyle

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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