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Luxury Fitted Wardrobes Designed & Fitted In Burford / Cotswolds

Providing a concealed entrance to a master suite, this bespoke fitted walk-through wardrobe is the perfect marriage between traditional design and modern functionality. Blending our Imperial mirrored wardrobes with the classic Edwardian panelled design, this customised arrangement in the Cotswolds demonstrates how our bespoke wardrobes will fit in seamlessly with your interior décor.

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Walk-Through Wardrobes

The ultimate luxury, our customised walk-through wardrobes are a true design statement. Our team of experts specialise in providing beautifully unique walk-through solutions that will not only blend seamlessly with your bedroom décor but will also reflect your personal style and lifestyle requirements.

Walk-In Wardrobes

The ultimate in luxury living, our bespoke walk-in wardrobes will blend effortlessly with the existing or proposed bedroom interior design. Offering an unrivalled and personable service, our talented team of distinguished designers and craftsmen will deliver the highest quality unique walk-in solutions.


Our distinctive dressing room designs are specially created to deliver each customer’s individual idea of a luxurious wardrobe haven. From beautifully handcrafted islands, to customised wardrobe fronts and integrated storage solutions, we will work closely with you to create your ideal dressing room scheme.

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