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Our quality bespoke wardrobes are undeniably stunning and come in a range of finishes to bring luxury, class or timeless design elements to any décor or interior design – but the heart of any wardrobe is its storage space.  

Hanging options are important in your finished wardrobe. This is where you can make the most of the vertical storage space in your wardrobe and we have a multitude of hanging options. Make use of a two-tier design to maximise the vertical space in the wardrobe or consider using smart storage solutions such as smooth action fold-out hanging racks for perfectly easy access to your favourite clothes.  

Whatever your lifestyle needs, we can build the perfect interior hanging space for you.  

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At Heritage Wardrobe we use only the finest quality materials to craft truly bespoke furniture. Our hanging options and vertical storage solutions will be the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe.  

If you’d like to learn more about different hanging options for your wardrobe, get in touch with one of our expert designers who can help you right from concept through to execution.  

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