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Custom Made Luxury Wardrobes

Our bespoke wardrobes are designed to fit even the most uniquely shaped rooms. With a truly customised design, utilising hanging and shelving exactly where you need it, you can get far more interior storage space than regular freestanding wardrobes.

Custom made to suit each client’s tastes and requirements, our bespoke wardrobes are designed with individual needs in mind. From colour palettes and finishing touches, to planning your unique layout and storage options, our expert designers will deliver a wardrobe solution that is completely tailored to your home, right down to the very last detail.

For a truly unique addition to your bedroom furniture, take advantage of our custom wardrobe design service. We are experts in creating beautifully crafted, high quality fitted wardrobes to suit any space.

The tailored wardrobes that we create are truly custom-made and can be designed to match the exact shape of your room, making space to fit more in. Whether your walls are contoured, you have awkward alcoves or sloping ceilings, you can be sure that our wardrobes will get the most out of your space. Truly bespoke wardrobes enable you to make the most of every inch in your room.

Our bespoke wardrobes:

⏵ Are designed to fit in any size and shape of room.
⏵ Seamlessly integrate into your room offering the maximum storage capacity.
⏵ Ensure that you retain total design control.

Our range of bespoke wardrobes includes normal hinged door wardrobes or concertina style folding doors. You can choose whichever style you want for your home and customise their design, style and finish however you wish.

Bespoke Wardrobe Features

We have a comprehensive choice of interiors for your wardrobes. Whether you require shelvesdrawershanging rails, racks, or even special compartments for jewellery and accessories. We can also happily incorporate lockers and safes into our designs. Each of our wardrobes can also come with soft-close drawers and doors.

We regularly equip our wardrobes with LED lights to add an extra sophisticated finishing touch to the installation.

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