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We specialise in the design and creation of beautiful bespoke fitted wardrobes that not only meet, but exceed expectations. Our luxurious wardrobes are highly customisable to your individual needs, and are available in a large range of designs. It can be daunting choosing from so many incredible styles, but our expert craftsmen and wardrobe designers are here to offer expert guidance. We will be by your side for every step of the project and will work with you to create the ideal wardrobe solution.

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Our Wardrobe Design Process

We take a personalised approach to the creation of fitted wardrobes and dressing rooms, and are highly involved from concept to installation. Our luxurious wardrobes are the stuff of dreams, so it is important that your final wardrobe reflects your vision. Book a home design visit to consult with our designers about your bespoke wardrobe needs.

Step 1
Design Consultation

Our exceptional wardrobe and dressing room design service begins with a one-on-one consultation in your home, where our distinguished designers will discuss wardrobe type and design, and gather the dimensions for your beautifully tailored wardrobe. During this design visit, you will be provided with samples and guided through the entire process from conception to installation.

Step 2
UK Manufacture

We manufacture our bespoke wardrobes using top-quality materials here in the UK. Our years of expertise inform us in the creation of beautifully tailored wardrobes that are perfected to your individual needs. Handcrafted and finished on site, each wardrobe is completely custom built for its intended space.

Step 3
Delivery & Installation

After any necessary renovations are complete, our dedicated team delivers and installs your beautiful bespoke wardrobe. From the delivery team to the expert fitting and painting team, we ensure the highest level of customer service, and make sure that installation proceeds in a timely, organised, and tidy manner.

Wardrobe Types

We offer many, equally luxurious wardrobe specifications to suit any home and to house any shoe, watch or designer outfit collection. From walk-through wardrobes that are fully integrated with doorways, concealing any door by giving the illusion of a full wardrobe, to luxury walk-in closets, the epitome of opulence. Consult with our designers to decide on the right wardrobe type for you.

Wardrobe Types

Wardrobe Designs

Our wardrobes are fully customisable, with options ranging from floor to ceiling storage to special compartments, our design team is dedicated to translating your dream into a reality. We also stock a large range of contemporary fixture designs, allowing you to mix and match designs, or adapt your wardrobe to your personal style, whether that’s traditional, or avant garde.

Wardrobe Designs

Client testimonials

When we looked at redesigning our existing walk-in wardrobes as part of the renovation of our Georgian farmhouse we contacted The Heritage Wardrobe Company. They were fantastic throughout the journey from start to finish…there is nothing that they won’t do to make you feel positive …and they delivered everything they said they would. I wanted to create the look of a gentlemen’s boutique with a complete wow factor. It was important for us to get the to get the colour exactly right - which our designer Steve Raby really preserved with - to help create the bronze taupe finish using Craig and Rose Artisan Metallic Tempered Bronze. The layout is just what we wanted and now we have a place for everything! We love the finished results.

Anne Hayes


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