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Looking for inspiration? Our design consultants regularly release articles on transforming your fitted wardrobes and dressing rooms, sure to suit any taste.


Our top 5 tips to maximise space

Seamlessly incorporate our tips into your walk-in wardrobe or dressing room for an elevated and…

5 key elements to consider when designing a walk-in wardrobe

At The Heritage Wardrobe Company, we understand that a well-organised walk-in wardrobe is not only…

What is the difference between a walk-in wardrobe and a dressing room?

Whether you choose a dressing room or a walk-in wardrobe, each option has its distinct…
A dressing room n Loughton, Essex, with an island

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Bespoke Dressing Room

In recent years, a bespoke dressing room has become more than just a place to…
An image of a bespoke wardrobe in a dressing room made by The Heritage Wardrobe Company

A Guide On Choosing The Right Colours For Your Wardrobes

A well-coordinated colour scheme can tie your rooms together, creating a sense of unity and…
Bespoke dark luxury wardrobe with clothing and shoes

Wardrobe designer in London

The word ‘luxury’ evokes such a powerful image in our minds. We see elegance, beauty…
Dark grey shoe rack filled with shoes inside bespoke wardrobe

Shoe closets designed for you

If you’ve got over five pairs of shoes in your home, the chances are they…

Things to consider when designing a wardrobe

Whether you’re renovating an existing bedroom or moving into a new home, a carefully planned…

Luxury Dressing Room Design Ideas

There are many options and ideas you can start with while planning your new dressing…

How to turn your spare bedroom into a luxury dressing room

Dressing rooms can be a fantastic asset to any home, adding a stylish and functional…

Why you should transform your bedroom with a walk in closet

Fitted walk in closets are a popular trend, perhaps as adding one to your property…

Wardrobes fitted around chimney breast

If you take a look around your bedroom you may see items, clothes and products…

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With over twenty-five years of British design and craftsmanship pedigree, we pride ourselves in producing beautiful bespoke bedroom furnishings with unsurpassable quality. Our expert designers meticulously study your home and taste, delivering products designed to last you for decades to come.

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