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Create the perfect space for getting ready with a bespoke fitted dressing room.

A luxurious addition to any home, you'll never struggle to find space for all your things again. The floor-to-ceiling storage of a dressing room offers clutter-free organisation and easy access to all your shoes, clothes and accessories.

Taking the idea of a walk-in wardrobe to the next level, a dedicated dressing room is an ideal choice for the fashion conscious with room to spare.

A bespoke dressing room is an aspirational feature for any home. Whether you have dedicated space or are converting a spare room, having your own personal dressing room offers a level of luxury above and beyond the norm.

Dressing rooms from The Heritage Wardrobe Company really make the most of your space, ensuring that you can fit everything that you already have and making room for new things too!

Completely Bespoke Dressing Rooms

Our dressing rooms can be totally customised to your needs. If you require shelves, drawers, hanging rails, racks, or any other special compartments, we can incorporate everything into your installation with our exceptional design service. Your luxury design will be totally unique and bespoke for you.

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