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Are you looking for a company that can create a bespoke walk-in wardrobe?

A bespoke wardrobe created solely for your space will effortlessly enamour the room with quality, style and luxury. We design and fit beautiful wardrobes to become the crowning location for your designer apparel and display for your burgeoning shoe collection.

Bespoke walk-in wardrobes in a variety of materials

Our job is to turn your spaces into seamless walk-in wardrobes made with the finest materials. We believe that a walk-in wardrobe should be spacious and gorgeously fitted in equal measures.

The blend of traditional made-to-measure wooded drawers and veneer interiors, such as deep walnuts, fragrant Lebanon Cedar and classic oak, coupled with our neat organisation of space will produce stunning results.

The finished product not simply portrays your finest items to yourself and your guests, but provides beauty and elegance with every gaze. Spectacular shouldn’t be confined to your garden or living room, but every single centimetre of your property. That’s what we bring to you at The Heritage Wardrobe Company.

How we can help you design the luxury wardrobe you deserve

Whatever your aspirations for your new luxury bespoke wardrobe, our highly skilled craftsmen and professional team are renowned for our first-class service and stunning bespoke wardrobes.

If you’d like to book a consultation to discuss your requirements, get in touch today by either filling out our contact form or reaching out to the team at 0203 355 8575.


Delphine, a dedicated professional, has honed her design skills through years of working alongside her father, Laurent. Learning the art of design from him, Delphine brings a unique blend of heritage and innovation to her work.