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Designing any room of your home is peppered with difficulties but the bedroom is one of the hardest. The room where you sleep, get ready for the day, read that exciting novel or lay in on Sundays, the bedroom has the ability to become a blissful space in your home; separate from the stress of the kitchen or bathroom.

If you’re looking to transform your bedroom in 2018 with a sparkling addition then look no further than our team of designers at The Heritage Wardrobe Company. Our bedroom design is trusted by homeowners to revolutionise a space in their home and create a style, a theme and a feeling that can’t be compared.

Coupling our years of experience in creating mirrored wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms with our outstanding attention to detail, we’re certain you’ll be amazed by the results we can provide for you. Sumptuous and ornate finishing touches are added to our bespoke wardrobes and dressing rooms that will top off your bedroom design.

Our goal at The Heritage Wardrobe Company is to ensure that every time you enter your bedroom you’re greeted by a space designed around your every desire. Start your design with our expert team at The Heritage Wardrobe Company by getting in contact with us.


Delphine, a dedicated professional, has honed her design skills through years of working alongside her father, Laurent. Learning the art of design from him, Delphine brings a unique blend of heritage and innovation to her work.