The perfect blend between modern technology and traditional handcraftsmanship, The Heritage Wardrobe Company is a leader in exceptional fretwork designs that offer the finest elegant detailing to a bespoke wardrobe arrangement. From the elegant circular detail of the signature Empire door to the distinctive criss cross pattern of the Richmond mirrored wardrobe, The Heritage Wardrobe Company’s range of fretwork designs is guaranteed to deliver a flawlessly luxurious finish.

Using highly engineered laser technology, each of the five fretworks is cut to the finest precision prior to being expertly handcrafted into the final unique wardrobe design. Achieving a truly bespoke arrangement, the delicate handcrafted frets are complete with burnished glass edges for flawless reflections, offering a subtle yet refined aesthetic. Hand painted on site in a colour of choice and with options to combine with a shaker panelled style door, The Heritage Wardrobe Company promises to deliver a scheme that embodies traditional opulence through exceptional contemporary design and manufacturing.

Outstanding design and unparalleled expertise combine with highly skilled craftsmanship to offer uncompromising quality that lies at the centre of The Heritage Wardrobe Company’s ethos.  Setting the benchmark for superior quality fitted bedroom furniture for the luxury market, the company prides itself on working closely with every customer, delivering functional, original and inspiring bespoke solutions for bedrooms, dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes.

Choose from the EmpireImperialLondonHampton and Richmond fretwork designs.