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When considering bespoke fitted wardrobes, the initial association might be with bedrooms. Yet, the versatility of bespoke fitted solutions extends beyond the confines of the bedroom. When it comes to spaces like home offices, nurseries, and reading rooms, clever storage solutions are often necessary. This is where bespoke fitted storage solutions can be particularly useful. 

At The Heritage Wardrobe Company, we have been crafting bespoke fitted storage solutions for over 20 years. Since then, our fitted wardrobes have gone beyond being bedroom basics – we have successfully transformed our client’s spare room into a luxurious home office that not only looks super sleek but is also very space-efficient. 

Read on to find out how you can incorporate our bespoke fitted storage solutions into other areas of your home. 

Home Office

Comfortable and efficient home office with bespoke fitted storage

Bespoke fitted storage now plays a pivotal role in offering a space-efficient solution for creating a professional work environment, all while maintaining a sleek and stylish exterior. For instance, you can have built-in shelves to store your books, while clever compartments office to store essentials like documents and gadgets. 

Here is an example of how we have used bespoke fitted solutions for one of our clients to create this beautiful home office. Investing in bespoke storage is not just about organisation, it’s about boosting your productivity, reducing stress, and creating a workspace that truly inspires you.


Your kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s also where families spend most of their time, which means that having an efficient kitchen is ever so important. Traditional cabinets often leave us feeling cramped and frustrated, since they weren’t designed to maximise space, meaning we end up cramming pots and pans and squeezing spices onto crowded shelves. 

Having bespoke fitted storage solutions means it can adapt to your needs, such as custom shelves, pull-out trays, and hidden compartments that tame the chaos of pots, pans and appliances and create the clutter-free space you dream of. Bespoke solutions focus on maximising every inch, from floor-to-ceiling units stretch to new heights, to converting awkward corners into storage opportunities, using high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. 

Reading Nooks

Our bespoke fitted solutions can create the perfect reading corner. You can incorporate ceiling-high shelves to display your wonderful collections of books, as well as provide comfortable seating for those late-night escape from everyday hustle. Additionally, we can also design cabinets crafted from high-quality materials to safeguard your books from dust and sunlight to preserve them for a longer period. 


Children’s rooms demand adaptability, and bespoke fitted wardrobes are perfect for this occasion. For many parents, sharp edges and wobbly furniture are nightmares and a big safety hazard. With The Heritage Wardrobe Company, our bespoke solutions are crafted with safety in mind, and we can collaborate with you to find the best design solutions. Plus, you can choose finishes and designs that match your nursery’s theme. We could also design shelves that adjust with your little one’s growing piles of books and toys or create extra drawers to keep the room clean and tidy. 

Ready for a transformation?

Bespoke fitted storage solutions are practical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing for your home. If you are ready for a change, book a design consultation with us and we can help you create your dream home.