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From intricate panelled designs to bespoke mirrored doors, it’s important to choose the right wardrobe door design for your space. Whether you opt for a bespoke run of distinctive panelled designs or choose to integrate a mixture of both panelled and mirrored doors into your dressing room, your wardrobe doors will form an integral part of the room’s design.  Guiding you through the decision making process, our team of experts can advise on what will work best in your individual space to ensure the finished look is suited to your taste and the room’s aesthetic.

Combining traditionally-inspired styles with the finest quality materials, our selection of luxury mirrored wardrobes are guaranteed to inject an instant feel of elegance. Primed and hand painted to the highest quality, our handcrafted mirrored doors are able to serve as a visually arresting focal point whether paired with a luxury panelled design or used as a distinctive statement piece. Ideal for those wanting to bounce light around the room, a mirrored wardrobe door will instantly create an enhanced feeling of space and luxury within the bedroom, dressing room or walk-in area. From elegant fretwork detailing to classic pared-back designs, choose from seven unique mirrored designs to create your dream bespoke wardrobe arrangement.

The perfect choice for those with a penchant for traditional design, a panelled wardrobe door will blend in seamlessly with a classic décor scheme.  Hand crafted and tailored to your unique specifications, a luxury panelled door will help you to make a true period statement, in particular within schemes where classic panelling and decorative details adorn the walls and doors of the room. Choose from six custom-made panelled designs to find a style that is suited to your desired aesthetic.

Here at The Heritage Wardrobe Company, we pride ourselves on working closely with each and every client to ensure we deliver exactly what you’re looking for. From the beginning planning stages to the complete design and applying the final coat of paint by hand, we will work tirelessly to deliver your dream bespoke wardrobe solution for your bedroom, dressing room or walk-in wardrobe.

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James is one of our seasoned senior designers with over 15 years of experience in the interior business.