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In your search for the ultimate fitted wardrobes, you may have come across a company called Sharps. They’re a very large organisation which dominates the market and you might be wondering how the Heritage Wardrobe Company compares in terms of quality and trust.

First and foremost, we’re a family run UK business and one of our aims is to give customers a highly personalised service, from start to finish. This means that we are easy to reach. In fact, you’ll work with the same designer from the beginning to the completion of your project and they will be available to make sure everything goes smoothly and that all your questions are answered in a timely manner.

If you look at our reviews, you’ll see that one of the aspects of our offering that customers really prize is that high level of customer service. It’s every bit as important to us as it is to you, the customer.

How do we compare to Sharps fitted wardrobes in terms of cost?

It’s really difficult to give customers an accurate price when it comes to fitted wardrobes before we’ve gone through all the details and worked out exactly what’s required. That’s why, when you do a search for ‘How much are Sharps wardrobes?’ or ‘Are Sharps wardrobes expensive?’ you won’t find any concrete answers.

There are many factors that affect the cost of the project and these include, the scope of the work, the design, the materials used, the storage options, lighting, etc. There is nothing to compare your fitted wardrobes to because they will be crafted to suit your exact requirements and for that reason, there won’t be another set like them.

All of our projects begin with a free home visit which will enable the designer to assess your space and talk to you about what your ideal wardrobe looks like. They will also explain the costs and how we can create something really special within budget.

The Heritage Wardrobe Company’s quality pledge

We’re so confident in the quality of our wardrobes that we offer every single customer a lifetime guarantee. We use only the best raw materials and our wardrobes are crafted by artisan joiners who have years of experience.

The Heritage Wardrobe Company has been designing wardrobes for more than 20-years and our extensive collection is inspired by 500 years of British heritage architecture, which means there is a style to suit every home. All our wardrobes are hand-finished to perfection on site, in a colour of your choice.

Using the best materials for fitted wardrobes

The materials used in the making of your bespoke wardrobes will have an impact on cost and we always suggest going for the very best you can afford because it will benefit you in the long run. It’s important that your wardrobes are hard wearing and look as good as new for decades to come. For a really superior fitted wardrobe, the inside should look just as good as the outside and that means using high quality materials, paying attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship. All of our bespoke fitted wardrobes are made to order in local factories where we make sure that the end product is never less than perfect.

A craftsman carefully measuring a piece of wood for a wardrobe

Fitted wardrobes that fit perfectly

All of our wardrobes are uniquely tailored to suit your home. It doesn’t matter how awkward or fiddly the space is, if the walls aren’t straight or if you have cornicing or beams as we’ll ensure that the wardrobes fit perfectly while also enhancing any architectural features.

How to get an accurate quote for fitted wardrobes

If you want to find out how much fully bespoke fitted wardrobes will cost for your home, you should start with a home visit. It’s absolutely free and will give you a full understanding of what’s available, how it will look and also, the cost. There are never any nasty surprises when you commission a Heritage Wardrobe Company piece as we are always upfront about our prices.

A fully bespoke fitted wardrobe will always be far superior to anything you buy off the peg and when you choose The Heritage Wardrobe Company you are purchasing a high end product giving you the best quality and customer service available. If that’s what you’re looking for, then get in touch to find out more.


Laurent is the esteemed owner of The Heritage Wardrobe Company. With over twenty-five years in the industry, Laurent is widely recognised as an expert in luxury, hand-crafted bedroom furnishings.