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Any investment in your home requires a sprinkling of planning, designing and passion in equal measures. Whether it’s a new piece of artwork, a splash of paint or a new piece of furniture, the first step is always the hardest to make. Take that step with confidence by choosing our team at The Heritage Wardrobe Company and browse our beautiful wardrobe designs.

We’re chosen and held with high regard across London for our exceptional wardrobe designs that couple succinct and ergonomic styles with traditional finishes. The result will be a wardrobe that meets all of your requirements, but also brings personality and class to your bedroom or dressing room. You can glance at some of our previous work which is all performed by our team of highly trained craftspeople.

They will help to design, cut, fit and install your wardrobe in London that we’re certain will look wonderful in your home. We’ve helped to transform homes with our exceptional wardrobe designs in London and ensure that each and every detail is meticulously planned. By speaking to our team of experienced planners and designers, you’ll be able to shape the intricate details you want your wardrobe to show off. If you’d to find out more about our wardrobe designs in London, make sure to get in contact with us today.


Laurent is the esteemed owner of The Heritage Wardrobe Company. With over twenty-five years in the industry, Laurent is widely recognised as an expert in luxury, hand-crafted bedroom furnishings.