Mr & Mrs Reynolds

From classic fitted wardrobes to a visually inspiring dressing room, Mr & Mrs Reynolds have used The Heritage Wardrobe Company for a variety of different projects.
West London & Middlesex

About the project

Mr & Mrs Reynolds were looking for beautifully bespoke storage solutions that would maximise their space as well as compliment their unique classic, yet modern, décor.

With full length Richmond and Edwardian wardrobes our design team provided a stunning tailor-made galley dressing room. As part of another renovation project, the Heritage Wardrobe team handcrafted a 6-door fitted wardrobe, with a beautiful balance between traditional construction and contemporary elegance.

Another project included a bespoke fitted wardrobe that created the feeling of an elegant walk-through space, seamlessly adjoining the bedroom and ensuite areas. In a larger-scale renovation, Mr & Mrs Reynolds were looking to create a truly stunning walk-through wardrobe that would deliver on both style and functionality.

Featuring an elegant, curved woodwork detail, our Empire mirrored wardrobes were used along both lengths of the walk-through space, creating a luxurious finished arrangement that effortlessly links both the master bedroom and ensuite in this home.

Unrivalled British quality

With over twenty-five years of British design and craftsmanship pedigree, we pride ourselves in producing beautiful bespoke bedroom furnishings with unsurpassable quality. Our expert designers meticulously study your home and taste, delivering products designed to last you for decades to come.
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