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There is something special about fitted wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes designed and specially crafted by The Heritage Wardrobe Company.

Each meticulous design is created with eye-catching detail and exquisite finishes. Customised storage spaces, hanging racks, shoe rails, shelves and drawers allow for organised and practical storage solutions with an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the ultimate in designer wardrobe design and functionality.

Wall-to-wall storage is available in beautifully hand-painted vaulted columns with ornate skirting and stunning cornicing, which offers a traditional and elegant finish suitable for a multitude of interior schemes.

The wall-to-wall bespoke wardrobe options not only create balance in a room, doors can be cleverly designed to disguise a secret passage to a private room in your home. From hidden bathrooms and dressing rooms to libraries and games rooms, allow The Heritage Wardrobe Company to transform your room by maximising your storage space whilst combining hidden functionality.

We pride ourselves on the quality craftsmanship of our approved fitters, who are meticulous in their attention to detail when scribing around existing ornate skirting, cutting into cornice and places panels to walls and ceilings. The end result is stunningly designed walk-in wardrobes and bespoke fitting wardrobes designed to blend in seamlessly with your existing interior.

Contact us via our handy form today or call us to discuss your requirements on 0203 355 8575.


Delphine, a dedicated professional, has honed her design skills through years of working alongside her father, Laurent. Learning the art of design from him, Delphine brings a unique blend of heritage and innovation to her work.