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Fitted walk in closets are a popular trend, perhaps as adding one to your property really adds a sense of luxury. Furthermore, if you need more storage space, a walk in closet is an effective way to utilise space for clothing and more. Alternatively, smaller rooms when converted into a stunning and functional walk in wardrobe are very practical, especially when fitted with custom options.

If you are thinking about adding a walk in closet to your home or require a redesign to maximise your space, read on to explore the reasons why you should transform your home with a bespoke fitted walk in wardrobe.

What Is a Walk in Closet?

A walk in closet is an open space built into a room customised for storing clothing, shoes and accessories. The difference between a walk in wardrobe or closet and a standard fitted wardrobe, is that a normal wardrobe is built to be placed inside a room, rather than transforming the room itself into a usable wardrobe space.

Luxury walk in closets are usually a converted bedroom or existing walk in cupboard designed for clothing organisation and shoe storage, among other things. In our experience, collectors of watches, belts, handbags and more have found the ideal storage solution by choosing a walk in wardrobe.

What Are The Advantages of a Walk in Wardrobe or Closet Space?

If the question is ‘are walk in wardrobes worth it?’ the answer is most certainly yes! The advantages of transforming a space in your home into useful real estate to store your belongings are endless.

Aside from being the perfect place to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories, fitted walk in wardrobes have countless advantages over traditional wardrobes. For example, a walk in closet is much larger than a traditional wardrobe and creates more space rather than using it up.

Most walk in wardrobe designs don’t necessarily need doors to close them off, in fact they can become a focal point for your prized possessions. You can have a fully open space instead and increase the size of the room.

An open-plan closet design will free up space in your bedroom to put away your belongings and remove the need for additional furniture. Walk in closets also add well-needed hanging space for easily creased items, are easier to clean and can stay free of moisture and dust due to better ventilation.

Customise Your Storage Space in Your Walk in Closet

Fitted walk in wardrobes are the perfect place to customise your storage options based on your belongings. If you need space for shoes, you can add shelves or racks to store them with ease and in such a way that you can see all your footwear options. Likewise, if you have plenty of jewellery, why not add special jewellery drawers and shelving to keep your items stored safely.

Custom Options for a Walk in Wardrobe

  • Jewellery drawers – Store and display your jewellery in some luxury drawers and open cabinets with glass panels for impressive visibility. Keep everything safe and secure but leave room to show off your collection and easily find what to wear when getting dressed.
  • Shoe racks – Keep your shoes organised with bespoke racks to house each pair. Stack your footwear higher if you are low on space and make use of the floor-to-ceiling space for an optimised closet design.
  • Shelving – Shelves are versatile and can fit almost anything. You can have equal-sized shelves for convenience or specifically sized shelves for each box or item. Make use of your space and include drawers and hanging space to ensure everything has its place.

Wow Factor Walk in Wardrobe Designs

With ample storage space, there is no reason to compromise on the look of your luxury walk in closet. Instead, enhance the space and storage with a stunning finish to show off your clothing and accessories. Walk in wardrobes make rummaging for items a habit of the past and instead allow you to showcase your items and give your home a wow factor and an extra touch of luxury.

  • Wardrobe Closet Lighting– why light just the room when you can light up each shelf and drawer? LED lights don’t get hot and can add a glow to your bespoke walk in wardrobe. Line the floor with lights for a red carpet style walkway, or add a dash of style with a crystal chandelier. There are lighting options for every closet!
  • Wardrobe Doors – doors for your walk in closet don’t have to take up space or be plain. Add mirrored doors to open up the space with light or a lattice style front that is open and more decorative. Design the perfect handles and walk in wardrobe fittings to match your aesthetic and utilise the space on the back of the doors for hanging scarves, clothes or other accessories.
  • Flooring and walls – the flooring in your walk in closet can be both functional and aesthetic. There are many options, and each has a different function. If you are looking for a warm and comfortable experience when you walk in to get dressed, then a carpet is a good choice. It’s soft underfoot and adds warmth. However, it can be difficult to keep clean. If you choose a hardwood or vinyl floor, it is easier to keep clean and add a nice patterned design, depending on your style.

Creative Luxury Closet Ideas for Small Walk in Wardrobes

Fitted walk in wardrobes are for everyone, whether you have a small bedroom to transform, a closet or part of a master bedroom. You can transform any room into a walk in closet or wardrobe perfect for you. Some small walk in wardrobe ideas to increase the functionality of your closet could be:

  • Mirrors – A mirror on the wall of a bespoke walk in wardrobe can add the illusion of more space, or why not line your closet doors with a mirrored design?
  • Vertical Space – Use vertical storage solutions, including drawers, cupboards and cabinets that stack to increase the amount of storage space you have. A custom, made to measure, small walk in wardrobe or luxury closet will allow you to add as much as possible to even the most awkward spaces.
  • Walls – Hang up items or design the perfect tower of storage drawers and cupboards. Add some strip LED lighting behind them, and you have an impressive small walk in wardrobe display that is organised but luxuriously illuminated!

Whatever the size of your room there are ways to increase the space with bespoke walk in wardrobe storage designs.

Can You Increase Home Value With Walk in Wardrobes?

Another great aspect of fitted walk in wardrobes and closets, alongside more space and storage, is that they add value to property. The right buyer interested in a luxury walk in closets may offer more on a property if there is an already installed walk in wardrobe. It can also make your home stand out against the competition, and makes a statement when potential buyers come to look at your property.

Get Dressed in Style!

Your space in your home is sacred. It’s a place for you to feel secure and comfortable after a long day, so creating a custom bespoke walk in wardrobe design can ensure your personality and style are reflected without losing out on organisation or functionality.

For a made to measure walk in wardrobe design experience, The Heritage Wardrobe Company offer a luxurious step by step design process to give you your dream walk in wardrobe that fits your needs and requirements.


Laurent is the esteemed owner of The Heritage Wardrobe Company. With over twenty-five years in the industry, Laurent is widely recognised as an expert in luxury, hand-crafted bedroom furnishings.