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Dressing rooms can be a fantastic asset to any home, adding a stylish and functional space to get dressed and store clothing, shoes, accessories and more. With a room dedicated to your clothing and accessories, you can free up much needed space in the bedroom and store your items in a way that shows off your collections while keeping suits, dresswear and delicate clothing tidy and safe from being forced into small drawers.

At The Heritage Wardrobe Company, we can create the perfect space for you to get ready with a bespoke fitted dressing room,  handcrafted dressing room furniture, and custom wardrobes to match. You’ll never struggle to find space for all your belongings again with this elegant and luxury home improvement. A dressing room’s floor-to-ceiling storage delivers clutter-free organisation, viewing, and easy access to all of your belongings.

How Do I Start Designing My Dressing Room?

Before you can start on your dressing room design or on the physical components of your dressing room, you should consider the logistical aspects which can influence your design, such as:

  • Will you only use the room to get dressed? Or will you also use it to do your cosmetics and hair? Or both?
  • Are you going to share it with family or not?
  • Is there anything you’d like to show off, such as a fantastic shoe collection or a treasure trove of handbags?
  • How do you want the room to look?

These questions really help you to begin envisioning your dream dressing room design. If you enjoy a minimalist atmosphere, incorporate white custom wardrobes and silver racks. Or for a more luxury style, use statement items like a velvet ottoman stool, a large mirror, or a chandelier.

Once you have a list of dressing room ideas and have noted down your needs, you can look at the available space.

Or, our design team can offer you a design visit and provide expert guidance and advice from the very start of your dressing room journey.

What Types of Rooms are Good for Dressing Rooms?

When it comes to rooms in your home, there are many types, sizes and styles, and most can be converted into a stylish dressing room. So, no matter the style of space you have available, you can get the dressing room design of your dreams.

Small Rooms

Many homes have small rooms which can be too cramped for a full bedroom, but can easily be redesigned into a unique dressing room that is perfect for storage and getting ready in the morning.

Awkward Rooms

Even rooms with difficult spaces, such as alcoves or a slanted ceiling, can benefit from dressing room storage solutions like shelves, drawers, and hanging space. We can even design your dressing room bespoke to your wishes, to perfectly fit with period features such as ceiling beams and bay windows.

A high ceiling is also not required – in fact you can have a lovely cosy dressing room in a lower-ceiling space – but choosing a room that is 7ft 3in (2.2m) or higher does provide opportunities for double rails in your hanging area.

Large rooms

A bigger room has lots of potential as a dressing room, and could easily contain freestanding drawer units, a vanity table or dresser, dressing room shelving, space for ironing and pressing clothing, or even a nice futon or recliner. With a full luxury dressing room, you may be the envy of your neighbours.

What Does Every Dressing Room Need?

At The Heritage Wardrobe Company, we can easily provide everything you need in your dressing room design, including:

  • Storage solutions
  • Bespoke dressing room furniture
  • Drawers
  • Built in fitted wardrobes
  • Mirrors
  • Lighting

You could also consider some extras depending on the space you have available. If you have a small but tall room, you could have floor to ceiling storage complete with a moveable ladder for a luxury library atmosphere. For larger rooms, you could utilise island counters for more storage and combined dressing space, more dressing room furniture including drawers, or large futons or seating for added comfort.

We can help bring your dream dressing room ideas to life with our team of expert designers and craftsmen, who will create your new space with all your desires and bespoke requirements in mind.

Luxury Dressing Room Additions

Why stop at just the basics? Add a little extra sparkle with some luxurious additions, including:

  • Jewellery and watch cases and tables
  • Shelving for bags
  • Tie drawers
  • Shoe shelving

Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate them with beautiful dressing room designs that function perfectly.

Our Top Tips for Converting a Spare Room Into A Dressing Room

  • Use a combination of different door designs, including mirrored, classic, and glass-fronted, to have an eye-catching, unique, and beautiful space
  • Add your own unique style with custom wardrobes
  • Incorporate adjustable shelving for when your collection expands
  • Add smart lighting so you can light up the room when you enter or open doors and drawers
  • Include underfloor heating to make getting ready a comfortable and exciting experience at any time of year

Why choose a bespoke dressing room for your home?

A custom fitted dressing room is a desirable addition to any home. Having your own personal dressing room, whether you have dedicated space or are converting a spare bedroom, adds a degree of luxury above and beyond the ordinary.

The Heritage Wardrobe Company can help you design your perfect luxury space, get in touch with us to get started on your dream dressing room today.


James is one of our seasoned senior designers with over 15 years of experience in the interior business.