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Create a uniquely tailored scheme suited to your personal requirements with specialist wardrobe designers and experts in bespoke luxury, The Heritage Wardrobe Company. Designed, cut and fitted by highly trained designers and skilled craftsmen, the knowledgeable team will help to transform homes with exceptionally unique designs, ensuring that each and every detail is meticulously planned.

Delivering the highest level of custom-made luxury, The Heritage Wardrobe Company will create cleverly unique solutions suited to your home. From the smallest details such as cornice designs, where to place sliding drawers and what colour lights to choose to backlight your garments, to the big decisions such as the wood, the finish and the colour choice, the experienced wardrobe designers will shape every intricate detail of your wardrobe design to meet all of your individual lifestyle needs.  A sound investment piece that will last for many years to come, an entirely custom-made design from The Heritage Wardrobe Company will result in an exquisite arrangement that not only brings personality and class to your bedroom or dressing room, but also fulfils all your day-to-day storage requirements.

Renowned for exceptional wardrobe designs that couple succinct and ergonomic styles with traditional finishes, each and every bespoke creation from The Heritage Wardrobe Company’s highly experienced team is thoughtfully tailored and designed to suit the customer’s individual space and lifestyle.

If you want to discuss a project please contact us to arrange your personal consultation.


Laurent is the esteemed owner of The Heritage Wardrobe Company. With over twenty-five years in the industry, Laurent is widely recognised as an expert in luxury, hand-crafted bedroom furnishings.