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Walk-through wardrobes are our creative, luxurious way of making a true design statement in your home. Create a beautifully unique addition to your house by blending our installation seamlessly into your bedroom, creating the illusion of walking through your wardrobe into another world. Or your en suite!

Our team of experts specialise in creating walk-through solutions that will fit in with your bedroom so convincingly that on first look, you may not even realise that there is a door to another room hidden in your wardrobe. Whether you incorporate a bathroom or a dressing room to create the illusion of a vast wardrobe space, we can ensure that your installation is built to an exceptional standard and will create that ‘wow’ factor that you desire.

A walk-through wardrobe from The Heritage Wardrobe Company is a true luxury. An enviable statement piece that will be the highlight of any home. This ingenious wardrobe solution can act as a secret door to another room.

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