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There are many options and ideas you can start with while planning your new dressing room. So, let’s go into some of the most popular design ideas to kickstart some inspiration.

Dressing Room Inspiration

Depending on the size of your free space, there are options available for every need.

Limited Spaces

If you don’t have room for a separate dressing space near your master bedroom, you can always use an alcove or corner in your bedroom or a long wall as a perfect and quirky space for storage and a dressing room. Here are some inspirational tips for working with a small space:

  • Use two tall wardrobes alongside one bedroom wall and you can create a unique dressing table space in between, creating the illusion of a walk-in dressing room.
  • Utilise the power of mirrors in a small space to make the area look larger and use them while you get ready for the day. Whether you decide long, or short mirrors are for you, you will expand even the smallest of spaces and bring more light into your room.
  • Use angled rails and fitted shelving to use up corner space and add extra storage.

Larger Spaces

If you are fortunate to have a spare room or space near your master bedroom, you can easily add a gorgeous dressing room that is easily accessible. However, if you are doing larger renovations to your home, then there is the option to knock through the adjoining wall between the two rooms and create a very suite-like and luxury dressing room.

Tips for larger rooms

  • Adding plenty of drawers and other storage mediums in your space will prevent a cluttered look in a larger dressing room.
  • Larger spaces can accommodate perfect seating areas and dressing table space, and if you have room to spare, make use of every inch of space for storage.

The beauty of a custom-built walk-in dressing room is that you can gather all your favourite dressing room inspiration ideas and implement them all into your home. Whatever your style, you have options to suit the look and feel of your property. For instance, pairing the elegant fretwork detail of mirrored Empire wardrobes with the classic panelled Edwardian doors framed with period cornice and vaulted columns, created the epitome of luxury in a dressing room design.

A custom dressing room space will allow you to blend beautiful yet functional design details with luxurious finishing touches to create a truly sumptuous and refined finished arrangement.

What Do You Need in a Dressing Room?

Your bespoke dressing room is the place to put everything you need, providing you with masses of clothing and accessory storage. We make the space the work for you, filling tight corners with handy storage units, adding luxury dressing table accessories and turning a spare bedroom or dull space into a beautiful boudoir.

Dressing Room Design Essentials

  • Lighting – bring the glow to your walk-in wardrobe or dressing room
  • Shoe storage – space saving shelving provides the perfect home for stilettos or sneakers
  • Seating – a must-have for any dressing room, a comfortable place to sit
  • Large Mirror – check out your look, reflect the light and make the room feel bigger
  • Dressing table – the perfect place to get ready for the day ahead

Anything is possible when it comes to creating your dressing room. Why not add an exquisite feature point, such as a central island finished with a customised antique mirror top?  The perfect example of bespoke dressing room luxury. An island also provides enough room for seating and socialising, as well as an abundance of essential storage for accessories.

When thinking about what to put in a dressing room design, it is essential to consider every detail such as drawer dividers, which ensure each drawer creates a personalised organised space.

Dressing Room Storage Ideas

One of the main reasons for designing a dressing room is to free up bedroom space by removing cupboards, drawers and clutter. A custom dressing room where everything is organised has its place and is easy to find is a far more opulent way to store possessions than in a cramped freestanding wardrobe, where it can be difficult to find the items you love. Installing a custom dressing room will give you a stylish storage place for clothes, shoes, jewellery and through creating this type of area in your home for your personal belongings; you will be able enjoy time in your inner sanctum.

Floor to ceiling wardrobes, dual level hanging areas, shoe racks, deep shelves for winter wear and partitioned drawers help to make a dressing room functional and ensure every inch of space is utilised to its maximum potential.

Detailed Dressing Room Accessories & Final Finish

Dressing room accessories make all the difference to a design, especially detailed fixtures and fittings. These final additions add that personal touch and sense of grandeur to a walk-in dressing room.

  • Use hanging storage or hooks on any doors to add extra room for smaller items like jewellery, scarves, or accessories.
  • Even adding a unique and personal wallpaper design on the walls or doors can make your space feel more like home.
  • Extra detailing with LED lighting, ornaments, or other furniture can add another level of luxury to your space.

Combine intricate and traditionally inspired design details with modern elegance to create a beautiful range of superior luxury dressing room furniture.

What Colour Should My Dressing Room Be?

Through creating your very own dressing room space, the final colour pallet is entirely in your hands. You might find the dressing room will be an extension of your bedroom decor and the chosen colours are influenced by this, or perhaps if the room is to be a ‘his and her’ dressing room, the decoration ought to be neutral.

Dressing Room Colour Inspiration

  • Colour can strongly influence the mood of a space. For example, white and light colours can provide a clean, calm and simple aesthetic, whereas darker colours can provide an edgier and maybe a more luxurious atmosphere.
  • Using a colour wheel can have a great benefit to deciding your colour scheme. Monochromatic schemes (various shades of one colour) are serene and relaxing, Complementary shades (Opposite colours on the wheel) in various shades can make the lighter ones appear brighter and fresher. Contrasting colours (not of the same colour ‘family’) don’t have to be harmonious but using a bold colour and a lighter one from a different family could create dramatic and striking results.

Walk in dressing rooms can benefit from lighter colours with splashes of complementary colour to add that personal touch. Try out as many possibilities as you like and use a colour wheel for guidance to get that perfect balance that is right for you.

What Is the Difference Between a Walk in Wardrobe and a Dressing Room?

A dressing room is an aspirational feature for any home. What better way to start the day than in a space that is customised to your exact requirements? Wake up and enjoy the luxury of having a space to store all your clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories and more, and prepare for the day or evening ahead in comfort.

A walk-in wardrobe is normally a space that adjoins a bedroom, much like an en-suite bathroom, whereas a dedicated dressing room is a separate room entirely, providing ample dedicated space for custom dressing tables, seating areas and more.

Bringing Your Unique Dressing Room to Life

If you have a dressing room design or walk in wardrobe wish, then come to The Heritage Wardrobe Company experts to transform areas of your home into places of grandeur and utilise every inch of space. Our dedicated team provide comprehensive one to one support throughout and deliver not only full-scale designs but also the small luxury details that make a dressing room or walk in wardrobe truly special.

The Heritage Wardrobe Company prides itself on working closely with every customer, delivering bespoke solutions for dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes combining practicality with high quality design and craftsmanship. We at The Heritage Wardrobe Company bring thoughtfully tailored luxury dressing room ideas to life. Expertly planned and handcrafted to suit each customer’s lifestyle and storage needs, the specialist dressing room design team will work closely with you to deliver a dream wardrobe space that is functional, original and inspiring.

If there is something missing from your dream design, our team are on hand to work closely with you, put forward their own fresh ideas, and provide that extra dressing room inspiration.


Laurent is the esteemed owner of The Heritage Wardrobe Company. With over twenty-five years in the industry, Laurent is widely recognised as an expert in luxury, hand-crafted bedroom furnishings.