Lighted Shelving Options

Shelving Options

Shelves can add a completely new storage dimension to your wardrobe. These can take pride of place tucked between the wardrobe doors, or they can be behind closed doors, ready to be revealed.  

Shelving options can play a big part in your daily life by giving you the room and the tools you need to organise your affects. This could be the perfect spot for storing linens or it could be a display-area for handbags and shoes.  

With hanging wardrobes, much of the vertical space can get wasted, but with the addition of shelves, you can be sure that you’ll make the most of every inch. Shirts over shoes, for example.  

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Don’t let the inside of your wardrobe be an afterthought – our expert wardrobe designers can work with you right from the concept stage to ensure that you’ve got just the right wardrobe storage options you need for your lifestyle. 

At Heritage Wardrobe we use only the finest quality materials to craft truly bespoke furniture so that your interior is as quality as the exterior.  If you’d like to learn more about different hanging options for your wardrobe, get in touch with one of our expert designers who can help you right from concept through to execution. 

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