Designer Walk-In Wardrobes

Discover why our team at The Heritage Wardrobe Company are perfect for your designer walk in wardrobe.

The vision of luxury, of elegance of astonishing designs can be executed by our professional craftsmen at The Heritage Wardrobe Company. Your ideas will be incorporated with our long-standing quality and experience in fitting utterly unique walk-in wardrobes.

Stylish wardrobes will accentuate your favourite designer items to be appreciated and admired. Nothing represents your elegance and style like a walk-in wardrobe made especially for you.

Every element of the project will be made around your ideas, and our beautiful products. Luxurious and delicately styled period skirting are matched with ornate cornices. This, however, is just a small part of exterior design features.

Inside the storage space will be designed with functional elegant order with soft close, solid oak or walnut drawers, hanging space, pull out shoe trays and trouser rails, for all your luxury items. Beautiful compartmentalised storage ensures all your finest shoes and clothing are displayed with ease of use in your bespoke wardrobe.

Our team will design and create what you desire from your wardrobe with our visionary expertise to create a wonderful space for you.

To speak to us today about your requirements, reach out to the team on 0203 355 8575, or fill out the contact form on our website.