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How Josie is building her dream dressing room

At The Heritage Wardrobe Company, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful bespoke and expertly crafted fitted wardrobes and dressing rooms.

So, when Josie, an exceptional fashion blogger with an eye for detail was building her dream dressing room in her newly bought 14th-century home, it was a perfect match for us.

"...most of the wardrobes I was lusting over were fairly traditional in design, beautiful light coloured wood with design details such as coving and panels, and one company stood out as being the absolute best at this type of wardrobe creation; The Heritage Wardrobe Company."

When Josie contacted us with her requirements, we visited her home in order to discuss the designs that would work best in her home.

"Laurent visited our home and showed us the various styles that Heritage specialise in; whether it’s a Edwardian design or even a Tudor style, he took the time to discuss which designs would work best with our very historical home, with consideration to the fact that our rooms are far from ‘normal’ with panels, beams, wonky floorboards and even historical ‘priest holes’ to work around!"

With every last detail meticulously planned and thoughtfully considered by our team, additional bespoke options are always available to ensure wardrobes are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. Josie required tall hanging spaces for long gowns as well as storage for many pairs of shoes. We discussed keeping some of the storage spaces open, for visual effect, as well as some secret cupboards too for more precious items.

We love nothing more than helping people out with their bespoke requirements and whilst Josie's dressing room has been a challenge, it has also been incredibly rewarding! So, thank you Josie, for choosing us to help you out with your installation and we hope that you enjoy it for years to come.

You can find what Josie had to say about us in her post loving entitled "How I’m Building My Dream Dressing Room".

You can also find Josie over on her YouTube channel, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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