Blending Hand Painted Wardrobe Finish

Designing any room of your home is peppered with difficulties but the bedroom is one of the hardest. .....


Walk-In Closet Advertorial

Lovingly crafted, expertly designed and reliably fitted – our walk-in closets at The Heritage Wardrobe Company are famed for the transformation they can make in homes across Surrey and Hampshire......


Walk-In Wardrobes

Shirts to your left, dresses to your right, shoes down the middle and storage space tucked in every corner, a walk-in wardrobe is an important investment for your home......


Bedroom Furniture

If you were to pick the two main features of a wardrobe you’d be inclined to say storage and tidiness. .....


Walk-In Closets

The use of a wardrobe has been quarantined as a simple storage space for clothing, hangers and hiding Christmas presents from the rest of your family......


Wardrobe Designs

The tinge of colour that greets your eye when you walk into your dressing room or bedroom should be attractive, engaging and alluring......


Custom Wardrobes

Close your eyes and think for a second about an area in your home that you feel can fit a wardrobe......


Bespoke Wardrobes

Choosing a wardrobe that befits the space, the theme of your home and your budget can be difficult. .....


Luxury Wardrobes

A wardrobe should do more than simply house your clothing. It should do more than keep your bedroom clear of mess......

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