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Wardrobe Designer In London

The word ‘luxury’ evokes such a powerful image in our minds. We see elegance, beauty and a dash of personality shining through that word every time it is uttered. .....


Wardrobe Designer With A Fresh Approach

The space where your wardrobe sits is a blank canvas in the eyes of experienced and talented designers. .....


Discover The Difference Our Walk-In Wardrobes In London Can Make In Your Home

Take-out coffee is made for us in front of our eyes. Delightfully crafted with espresso and milk to create a creamy and fulfilling finish. .....


Shoe Closets Designed For You

If you’ve got over five pairs of shoes in your home, the chances are they will congregate somewhere near the door......


Choose Our Experienced And Quality Bedroom Design In London

Your bedroom is the most intimate area of the home, and for good reason. With sleep a vital cog in our systems, the way your bedroom is designed can be a pivotal to your mood and how peaceful your sleep is each night......


Blending Hand Painted Wardrobe Finish

Designing any room of your home is peppered with difficulties but the bedroom is one of the hardest. .....


Walk-In Closet Advertorial

Lovingly crafted, expertly designed and reliably fitted – our walk-in closets at The Heritage Wardrobe Company are famed for the transformation they can make in homes across Surrey and Hampshire......


Walk-In Wardrobes

Shirts to your left, dresses to your right, shoes down the middle and storage space tucked in every corner, a walk-in wardrobe is an important investment for your home......


Bedroom Furniture

If you were to pick the two main features of a wardrobe you’d be inclined to say storage and tidiness. .....

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